Sunday, 23 March 2014


 Collecting Orcs started from a  $50 dollar shopping centre voucher back in 2007. I enjoyed the occasional painting session during my school holidays, the eventual goal was to have enough 'little green monsters' to play the game. Since then a lot more boxes have been purchased but not a great deal of painting! I'm getting on board the "Tale of Duelling Gamers" painting challenge to rectify this!

My first ever paint job attempt. I think I've painted around 8 since then!! Nearly 1 a year!


  1. Your slowness is the stuff of legend.

  2. Best of luck as you build and paint a little faster than 1 per year. Hmmm suggestions, a nice army painter spray can of brown, 2 shades of green for the skin and no doubt you have the metal already. Well at least I shall be cheating with spray cans and washes.

    1. Thanks Chris, I'm intrigued with why you suggest brown instead of black undercoat. What's your reason for doing this?