Friday, 11 April 2014

14 Boyz a big shooter and Rocket assembled!!

So I'm a bit slow out of the gate however I have a brand new permanent spot for my hobby, which is an achievment in itself!! Wasn't going to start till next week, however after Owen's smack talk I thought I'd prove him wrong. (This may have been part of his cunning plan all along I suspect!) I have decided mould lines are a pain in the backside but I can't just leave them! Haven't decided how big each mob will be and how many big shootas, and rocket launcher to have.

I have 5 more boyz waiting to be filed down and found some burna boyz for the same treatment.
It's not what I had planned this month but I figure I may as well go the slog on some Ork skin!!

Don't expect anything till mid next week! Have to stop now.. high on fumes!!

P.S Been listening to the Soul Rebels while I put Orks together, it's a slightly different genre to what you'd hear at Games Workshop Stores but I think they're awesome!! (Seeing them next week in melbourne)

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